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Soar in the frozen sky..

24 March
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Hey you, Ashley is the name. I am fourteen years old and I sometimes act like a sixty year old because it kills me. It really does. I tend to lie a lot and I think the world is full of a lot of phonies. I am a person you like you, I make plenty of mistakes and stupid comments just like you.

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reading, drawing, roleplaying, soccer, hockey, french horn, writing, science, history, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, making graphics, ice cream, archery, breathing, Avatar: the Last Airbender, loitering, sushi, color pencils, notebooks, mechanical pencils, ramen, Bleach, school, minimum days, Boy Meets World, line dancing, Disney movies, sleeping, waking up early, eating, Final Fantasy VII, taking tests, winter, music, mexican food, halloween, Teen Titans, almond joys, Naruto, Fresh Prince of Belair, Harvest Moon, archery, paid lj accounts (hint hint), watching television, blankets, hot chocolate, cheese cake, Star Wars, Invader Zim, popcorn, saturday morning cartoons, breakfast food, talking to people, last but not least WORLD OF WARCRAFT!

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summer, final exams, slow computers, conceited people, homework, boredom, chores, running, procrastinating, presentations, hard projects, cramped spaces, long lines, slimy bugs, waiting for a long time, black outs, piano lessons, when nothing is on television, reruns of cartoons, annoying people, substitute teachers, algebra, boring books, essays, being ill, super descriptive books, loud noises, cats (allergic), heights.

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understand humans better, find a cure for cancer, get good grades, be nice to people, try my best, go to sleep on time, be less irritable, actually finish writing a fanfic, do all of my homework, spend less time on LJ, make money, learn something each day, stand up for people, make better graphics, read more books, draw a whole lot better, not procrastinate anymore, hold back on the sweets.